This particular type of cod is a fish which is caught in the cold waters of Norway, where it is also dried. It is then imported into Croatia, where it is prepared in many different ways, of which one is white dried cod. In the 90’s, the Stefanov family widened their activities to include the production of this typical Istrian delicacy. White dried cod is a speciality that can be found on many family tables during festivities and at times of fasting. The family supplies supermarkets and restaurants throughout Istria and Croatia with this product.

Method of preparation:
Dried cod is well beaten and then soaked in water overnight. Then it is boiled until it softens, cleaned of bones and black skin and again beaten until it is mashed. Salt, pepper and garlic are added and, while stirring constantly, vegetable oil (or olive oil if preferred) is added. It can be served as a meal on its own, but in Istria it is customary to serve it with pasta, cabbage or polenta.


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